Jorge de Angelos Vania is Mexican Rock Band founded in June 19th 2012 by the singer, guitar player and composer Jorge De Argelos.

Jorge’s story as a professional musician began in 2012 when he decided to leave the music school and launch an original music project which he would name Vania. To that end, he carried out a series of castings starting in Mexico City which resulted in poor outcomes, however, during that particular casting he met someone who later on would become the drummer of the band, Christian Schmiedel.

Jorge’s journeys in search of musicians for his band took him to the cities of Puebla, Guadalajara, Monterrey and finally his hometown, Tampico.The results wereless fruitful. Nevertheless, that didn’t discourage him, and when he went back to Mexico City, he carried out another casting series through which a guitarist and a drummer joined to the project, but short time after they left the band due to different interests or personal reasons. 

Thus, at the beginning Vania was a duo made up of Jorge De Argelos asthe singer and guitarist and Christian Schmiedel as the drummer. Many guitarists joined the band, but none of them stayed permanently because of personal reasons or artistic differences with the duo De Argelos/Schmiedel. 

Jorge De Argelos composed the themes that would make up the first album of Vania, but the band was still incomplete, so in March 2013 they carried out new castings resulting in the inclusion of Diego Mejía as the bassist of the project, but there was no significant result with the guitarists. Therefore, Jorge decided to call a great friend of his from the music school, Edgar Noyola, who would finally join the band officially as the lead guitarist in April 2013. 

His debutalbum “Viajando entre Luz y Oscuridad” was released on March 21, 2016, in “Café Cultural El Templo” andending its cycle on March, 2016.

He worked with the Vania’s original group until September 2014, when due to artistic differences the band broke up, and Jorge decided to continue as solo singer under the name of Jorge de Argelos & Vania. 

In 2015 he worked with the talented brothers Beto and Edgar Montellano, the former as the guitarist and the latter as the drummer, and Alisandro Montufar joined as the drummer. However, this alignment lasted for a very short time, both Montellano brothers left the band and only Alisandro remained.Subsequently, Norberto Arroyo and Alejandro Carreón would join on April of the same year, being this the finalgroup of members Jorge worked with until 2016.

Jorge’s music covers topics such as love, disaffection, insanity, existential issues, among others, and he mixes rhythms such as rock, pop, ballad, rockabilly, bolero, country, funk, etc.

“Viajando entre Luz y Oscuridad” was well received by the Latin American community of independent rock, being played in commercial and non-commercial stations, highlighting Reactor, Frecuencia Tec of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Caribe FM, Radio Faro del Noroeste in the Canary Islands, Región 16 in Santiago de Chile, La Rocker in Argentina, among others.Making an impact in countries such as Mexico, España, Argentina and Chile. 

During the 2014-2015 period they presented themselves in various stages,highlighting Multiforo 246, the cultural street market El Chopo, the music boutique The Rock Lab, the bar Wild Iron Horse, La Comandancia Metal, Festival El Mezcal de Frida, etc.

Jorge De Argelos is currently preparing new themes for his next album, which is expected to be released coming soon.